The Bible Through Artists’ Eyes

WELCOME, my Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Islamic, Atheistic, Agnostic, and Christian friends!  I am an inclusive Christian. The core of my religious faith is best summarized by, “love God and love your neighbor as yourself.” The truths that I see in the Bible are universal. That is, I think, best expressed in the various arts and disciplines of each culture throughout the world, which transcend mere belief and creed.

He who knows only one religion knows none.

Prof. Max Müller

The same thing which is now called the Christian religion existed among the ancients. They have begun to call Christian the true religion which existed before.

St. Augustine, see, also, C S Lewis

To connect with the great river we all need a path, but when you get down there there’s only one river.

Matthew Fox

As each of us has family stories, we also have unique mythological stories.  Myth is not fiction; rather it is metaphorical, poetical.  It helps us to orient from our own physical being and environment to that Nameless Being which is the Ground of all Being – that one great river.


Jesus was inclusive.  It doesn’t matter in whose name you share your miracles of love.

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Table of Contents

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I.  Graphic Arts

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II. Church Architecture and Its Incorporation of Art

III Christian Music

IV Theology

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