BLAKE: Testimonies About God, God’s Activities and God’s Relationship to Humankind

We see in Blake an entirely different expression of the experience of God in Elohim Creating Adam BLAKE, below,,

and in God as an an Architect BLAKE, below,,

[Click on the links, above, where the picture and description of the painting may be accessed.]

and a God who relates to us personally through nature, as in God Answers Job Out of the Whirlwind, below,

Is it possible for any one representation of God or God’s activities to offer a complete picture?  Is it possible that we each will experience the Divine in ways that are unique to us?  If we accept that “God speaks” to us individually, are we more likely to appreciate expressions of the the experience of the Divine that are different from our own, even those that may appear to conflict with our own?

I understand that the Hindu greeting between persons with a bow and with palms pressed together and pointed upward in a prayer-like attitude, is an acknowledgement of the deity in the other.  If we see that others are also “made in the image of God” will we tend to be more respectful of them?

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