Remembering Victims of Violence

In the wake of violence in Tucson and Omaha, and continuing war about the globe, it seems appropriate to reflect on artistic expressions of the human costs of violence in all its forms.  Picasso’s Guernica is a well-known symbol of the grief and destruction wrought by violence, in that case the bombardment of the Spanish city,  Guernica.

Guernica PICASSO

See for the source of the photograph of the above painting.

For history of the actual bombing, see

The painting can speak to you for itself, but to explore another’s view of the symbolism of Guernica and history of the painting, see  I recognize that Wikipedia is not subject to peer review, however, it also often provides some non-technical analysis or information on a subject that, if the reader desires, can be inquired into in greater depth and at sites that are subject to more rigorous academic standards.

Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.

Matthew 5:4

In a different artistic medium, Brahms wrote a beautiful musical setting to the above text and its context in the first chorus of his German Requiem.  Samuel Barber’s Adagio is frequently comforting in times of grief such as this.


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