A Blessing Obtained by Deceit

Genesis 27 tells the story of  Rebecca putting Jacob up to tricking Isaac into giving Jacob, the second twin born,the blessing that primogeniture required be given the first born, Esau.  As the story goes, Rebecca overhears Isaac make the request for the presence of Esau so that he may bless him with his approval and inheritance.   Isaac’s eyesight is failing him, and Rebecca wants her favorite son, Jacob. to receive the blessing.  So she consorts with Jacob to deceive Isaac to bless Jacob.  Of course, Esau had already sold his birthright to Jacob.

Isaac Asks Esau to Hunt for Venison BERTRAM OF MINDEN (1340-1414/15)

See http://www.artbible.info/art/large/568.html for the source of the above photograp of the painting and notes.

Isaac Blessing Jacob ASSERETO (1600-49)

See http://www.hermitagemuseum.org/fcgi-bin/db2www/descrPage.mac/descrPage?selLang=English&indexClass=PICTURE_EN&Query_Exp=%28WOA_AUTHOR+%3D%3D+%22Assereto%2C+Gioacchino%22%29&PID=GJ-1457&numView=1&ID_NUM=2&thumbFile=%2Ftmplobs%2FS3EG_40E_40KAP5I%2472N6.jpg&embViewVer=last&comeFrom=browse&check=false&sorting=WOA_AUTHOR%5EWOA_NAME&thumbId=6&numResults=2&author=Assereto%2C%26%2332%3BGioacchino for the source of the above photograph of the painting.

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