Unexpected Reunion

Genesis 43-45 tells us that Israel ‘s country is also suffering famine.  He hears that there is plenty of grain for sale in Egypt; so, he sends his sons, all, that is, except Benjamin, his youngest son, of whom he cannot bear to risk loss.    Here is that story in  “pictures.”

The Story of Joseph GHIBERTI (1378-1455)

See http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/html/g/ghiberti/paradiso/2joseph.html for the source of the above photograph of the gilded bronze panel and a brief description.   You will notice, again, Ghiberti’s representation of several separate scenes in one panel, thereby representing at once the whole story.

The Search for the Cup BACCHIACCA (1494 – 1557)

See http://www.terminartors.com/artworkprofile/Bacchiacca_Francesco-Scenes_from_the_Story_of_Joseph_The_Search_for_the_Cup for the source of the above photograph of the painting.

The Discovery of the Stolen Cup BACCHIACCA

See http://www.backtoclassics.com/gallery/bacchiacca/scenesfromthestoryofjosephthediscoveryofthestolencup/ for the source of the above photoraph of the painting.

Discovery of the Golden Cup GHIBERTI

Recognition of Joseph by his Brothers CORNELIUS (1783-1867)

See http://www.terminartors.com/artworkprofile/Cornelius_Peter_von-The_Recognition_of_Joseph_by_his_Brothers for the source of the above photograph of the painting.

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