Entry Into Jerusalem

Matt 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; John 12:2-19 describe Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem:

Entry into Jerusalem GIOTTO (1304-06)

See http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/html/g/giotto/padova/3christ/scenes_2/chris10.html for the source of the above photograph of the painting and a brief analysis.

Entry of Christ into Jerusalem LORENZETTI (ca.1320)

See http://www.lib-art.com/artgallery/19226-entry-of-christ-into-jerusalem-pietro-lorenzetti.html for the source of the above photograph of the painting.

The Entry into Jerusalem VASSILIEFF (1947)

See http://www.artbible.net/3JC/-Mat-21,01-Entre_a_Jerusalem_Entry/slides/20%20VASSILIEFF%20ENTRY%20INTO%20JERUSALEM.html for a source of the above photograph of the painting.

Upon his entry into Jerusalem we are told that Jesus went to the temple and drove out the merchants of animals for sacrifice.

Matt 21:12-17; Mark 11:12-19; Luke 19:45-48:

Money Changers GIOTTO (1304-06)

See http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Giotto_-_Scrovegni_-_-27-_-_Expulsion_of_the_Money-changers_from_the_Temple.jpg for the source of the above photograph of the painting.

Christ Driving the Merchants from the Temple JORDAENS (c. 1650)

See http://www.backtoclassics.com/images/pics/hansiiijordaens/hansiiijordaens_christdrivingthemerchantsfromthetemple.jpg for the source of the above photograph of the painting.  This looks extreme in its presentation of the subject, but it pales in comparison to the next:

The Purification of the Temple Jacopo BASSANO (1580)

See http://gekos.no/fineart/html/b/bassano/jacopo/2/index.html for the source of the photograph of the painting.  One critic on the WGA website claimed that the figure of the money changer to the right was Bassano’s caricature of Titian.  You will note that such flattering inclusion of patrons or others, or unflattering caracatures is rather common in art.


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