It is not the purpose of this blog to push any particular view or interpretation of the Bible or its stories, but rather to explore interpretation by skillful and imaginative artists of biblical stories and themes.  I do not limit artists represented here to those who are recognized by art “experts.”  For example, my sister Esther ‘s artistic interpretation of creation through the inspiration of other artists’ styles is not recognized by the “experts;” and neither is Pentecost by Borkenshire (2003) necessarily recognized by the elite of the artistic world, so far as I know.  But they met my criteria for inclusion into the structure ofthese posts which I believe to be characteristic of all good art: honesty intellectually, aesthetically and in its experiential representation, and sound artistically.

I don’t know exactly how this will progress as people may make contributions to supplement that already posted.  If anyone has suggestions, comments, or contributions, I welcome them.


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