Stations of the Cross – 2

Henriques’ comment on this blog is gratifying.  Encouraged by the mention of his photographic project on the fourteen stations of the cross, I located an excellent resource at .  Whereas my prior March 23, 2011, post of Stations of the Cross: Barnett Newman, focused on Newman’s art and concluded with a more traditional presentation of the Stations of the Cross at Église Notre-Dame des Champs (Avranches),  this additional site has the benefit of looking at the subject through the eyes of a variety of painting masters of different eras.  For the visual effect, I will post the photographs of the art here without comment.  The site has excellent commentary on the stations, and the sources of the individual photos of art have have excellent commentary on the art.

1. Jesus is sentenced to death

Christ Before Pilate TINTORETTO (1566-1567)


2. Jesus heaves the cross onto his shoulders

Christ Leaving the PraetoriumDORE (1832 – 1883)


3. First Fall of Jesus

The Procession to Calvary (detail) BRUEGEL (ca. 1520 – 1569)


4. Jesus meets his sad mother, Maria

5. Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

Way to Callvary DUCCIO (ca. 1255 – 1319)


6. Veronica dries Jesus’ face

Veronica WEYDEN (1399/1400 – 1464)


7. Second Fall of Jesus

 The Carrying of the Cross SCHONGAUER (ca. 1447 – 1491)


8. Jesus Comforts the Weeping Women

Christ and Mary Magdalene RUBENS (1577 – 1640)


9. Third Fall of Jesus

10. Jesus is robbed of his clothes

11. Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross

Crucifixion BERTRAM (ca. 1340 – 1414/15)


12. Jesus dies on the cross

The Crucifixion MANTEGNA (1431 – 1506)


13. The body of Jesus is taken from the cross

The Descent from the Cross REMBRANDT (1606 – 1669)


14. The entombment of Jesus

The Entombment CARAVAGGIO (1573 – 1610)

The site concludes with a summary of all the stations in a single painting:

 Scenes from the Passion of Christ MEMLING (ca. 1430 – 1494)


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