Basilica of Santa Sabina and Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Fifth Century

Santa Sabina is a basilica built in Rome about 432 A.D on a classical rectangular form. notes,

Together with the light pouring in from the windows, this makes the Santa Sabina an airy and roomy place. Other basilicas, such as Santa Maria Maggiore, are often heavily and gaudily decorated. Because of its simplicity, the Santa Sabina represents the crossover from a roofed Roman forum to the churches of Christendom.

Exterior Santa Sabina Basilica, Rome

Interior Santa Sabina Basilica, Rome

See for the source of the above photographs.

See for an expert discussion of the interior of Santa Sabina and the source of the photograph of its interior, including columns demarking side isles and ceiling.

Santa Sabina Apsis and Triumphal Arch

Depiction of the crucifixion on the wooden door of Santa Sabina.

This is one of the earliest surviving depiction of the crucifixion of Christ.

See a video presentation of the cathedrals at ; ;

See for the source of the above photographs and descriptions.

A church structure contemporary with Santa Sabina is that of Santa Maria Maggiore.  See for a video presentation and expert duscussion of its interior;;

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