Philippe Jaroussky, Countertenor, Performing a Number of Baroque Pieces

In the writing of this Baroque section of liturgical music, for the first time I have come across the name of Philippe Jaroussky. Having discovered him, I have also discovered a wide variety of music and composers that he has performed most impressively. He seems to have focused particularly on the Baroque era, but sings most admirably Medieval and Renaissance music as well. He specializes in the music written for the castrati, and a short but focused article concerning his background, his debut as a countertenor, and audience reactions appears at–with-no-surgical-intervention/2010/02/15/1266082241013.html

He deserves more hearing, so I include some of those posts:

And for a delightful video humorously dramatizing an audience response to him and the same aria, above, in a setting contemporaneous with George Friedrich Handel, see:

And for similar contemporary countertenor portrayals of Baroque castrati performances and audience reaction, see:

For a musically sound, humorous and delightful side of him, yet characteristically Baroque style, including some more contemporary music which showcases his artistic flair, see


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