Charles Gounod (1818 – 1893)

He was so much inspired by the music of Johan Sebastian Bach that he referred to the Well Tempered Clavier as “the law to piano forte study.” He adopted Bach’s C major Prelude from the Well Tempered Clavier as the accompaniment for a melody that Gounod wrote to the words of Ave Maria, which remains well-known and popular.

He wrote some opera, and is best known for his opera, Faust, based upon the story of Goethe. As Mozart’s Requiem is closely associated with his death, cloaking it in mystery, so Gounod died of a stroke shortly after he had finished his own Requiem.

Messe Solennelle De Sainte Cecile
I feel most fortunate to find on YouTube the wonderful, complete performance of this work by the Moscow Oratorio:

Jessye Norman sings Gounod’s “Sanctus” from Messe solennelle:

“O Divine Redeemer”

A choral arrangement of the same by the Mormon Tabernacle choir: I

“Ave Maria



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