Leos Janecek (1854 – 1928)


Leos Janecek (1854 – 1928) was a Czechoslovakian composer and music theorist who was inspired by his native Slavic and Moravian folk music. He was also influenced by the music of Antonin Dvorak who, himself, was influenced by folk music not only of his homeland, but of other places that he lived, including America. Janecek used local folk melodies to develop his own original musical style.
Although best known for his orchestral and piano compositions, he also wrote choral music. He is best known in liturgical music for his Glagolitic Mass, or, Slavonic Mass for soloists, double choir, organ and orchestra, completed in 1926. It is based upon an Old Church Slavonic text, which differs from the Roman Catholic mass by omitting the “Dona nobis pacem.”

Janáček was a strong supporter of pan-Slavism, and this mass has been viewed as a celebration of Slavic culture.

Glagolitic Mass [1/8]

Glagolitic Mass [2/8]

Glagolitic Mass [3/8]

Glagolitic Mass [4/8]

Glagolitic Mass [5/8]

Glagolitic Mass [6/8]

Glagolitic Mass [7/8]

Glagolitic Mass [8/8]

For a beautiful example of a contemporary of Janacek, see Beati quorum via integra est [How blessed are faithful souls which undefiled are] (Psalm 119:1) – Charles Villiers Stanford at http://bibleasmusic.com/beati-quorum-via-integra-est-how-blessed-are-faithful-souls-which-undefiled-are-psalm-119-1-charles-villiers-stanford/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheBibleAsMusic+%28The+Bible+as+Music%29&utm_content=Yahoo%21+Mail


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