Experiences of Change in the Modern Era

In the last post I outlined major scientific, political and social features of the modern era. But the facts are cold. In the next several posts I will explore the human impact of those changes: the human experience of them.

My mother is a Fitz Randolph, from West Virginia. The folk in the hills of West Virginia have traditionally been a storytelling people. Perhaps, because of that, the Fitz Randolph side of my family has for three generations, at least, told their stories in autobiographies. I have my cousin, Mark Lewis, to thank for the autobiographies of my great grandfather, Alois Fitz Randolph, of his sister, Avis Fitz Randolph, and of my great uncle, Elmo Fitz Randolph. You may access his site at:


His home page, at http://www.oocities.org/yosemite/4654/index.htm, includes the stories of his and his wife’s own ancestors, including those of the Lewis, Bernreuther, Bond, Crank and Platte lines.

I will begin with my father’s memories (Rev. Edgar F. Wheeler) because he has organized his autobiography thematically, and it is picturesque in its style. I will then proceed with my mother’s memories (Xenia Lee Fitz Randolph Wheeler), which, I think, captures a mother’s view as the oldest daughter in her family of origin and that of the mother she has been, not only to her eleven children, but also to young women in every church that my father served.

Xenia and Edgar

Xenia and Edgar

Happy Father's Day


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