Rev. Edgar F. Wheeler: 38 Our Honeymoon Route – August 1945

We left Aunt Allie’s in Salem, West Virginia by Greyhound bus on August 11, the day after our wedding. We had stayed there overnight in my “dorm room.”

We traveled through Xenia, Ohio. Mom met us at St. Joseph, Missouri, and we spent three or four days at my home in Nortonville.

Xenia Lee’s parents drove our 1936 Ford and joined us in Nortonville, Kansas. Gas rationing was ended the day we arrived in Kansas, via Greyhound bus. Her parents drove the car out there, with plans to visit brother Bond, who was stationed at Camp Hood, Texas. From Nortonville, we traveled together to Yates Center, Kansas, from there to Denton, Texas for two or three days, overnight at Vicksburg, Mississipi, Overnight at Fort Payne, Alabama, Overnight at Tazewell, Virginia, and then back home to Bristol and Salem. Xenia Lee and I first stayed in an apartment over the grocery store next to the college, and later to a house her Grandparents owned.

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