Rev. Edgar F. Wheeler: 44 An Inner Look At Myself


I was asked to reflect philosophically on my life. I am not strong in that area.

My first thought is of the complexity of who I am. I am both a human being and a spiritual being. Human legacy and divine influence have combined to shape my life. I participate in ongoing human history, contributing by my own choices and actions, for which I bear personal responsibility.

Genes from my parents have sculpted my physical characteristics and personality. But, more than that, I have inherited a legacy of faith, integrity and love.

Pre-natal influence has been a vital factor, I believe. Assuredly, the spiritual nature of mothers is a telling factor. This is borne out in the choice of Mary to mother Jesus. It appears to be so in the case of Jeremiah, the prophet. The scriptures note several mothers in significant relation to individuals whose lives were noted for good or for evil.

In this connection, I mention my mother, who was a godly, patient, loving and courageous woman. What she was before my conception, during the time she carried me before birth, and her life during my childhood and maturing days has been a shaping factor in who I am.

Above all, I must acknowledge that the grace of God has been and is the truly life-giving factor. My parents shared with all fallen humanity the sinful nature and weaknesses. So have I! “All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God,” describes me. But, “Saved by grace” that is in Christ Jesus,” is my story and my life today. I was “religious” by nature from earliest childhood. I was a frustrated and fearful person until the Gospel of Jesus Christ gave me peace with God and joy in life.

I am a common, everyday person in whom God is working to restore that “image of God.”

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