Rev. Edgar F. Wheeler: 48 Affection For A Car – About That 1936 Ford

My favorite car sentimentally was a desert tan tudor 1936 Ford. It connected two periods in my life: single life and married life.

I bought it from a veterinary in Winchester, Kansas in the summer of 1943. It was my transportation for Kansas back to Salem College for my second year there.

I met Xenia Lee shortly before Christmas, 1944, as she worked as a clerk at Summers Variety Store in Salem. That instant, our surprise meeting developed into romance, which was encouraged by many who knew us both.

After a brief hesitation on Xenia Lee’s part, I drove past her a couple months later, as she wanted a ride to school. I knew she was in high school, but was not aware of her age – 16. That was just before Valentine’s Day, and, encouraged by her thank you note for candy I had sent her right after our first meeting, I sent her Valentine candy. That seemed to draw a positive response, which was approved by her father after a chance meeting.

The Ford accompanied us in our courting through that summer and the next year, until our marriage on August 10, 1945.

We traveled by Greyhound to Kansas, where her parents joined us with the car, as the war and rationing ended. From there, it took us on our honeymoon, accompanied by her parents who joined us to visit Bond and an uncle in Texas.

Sadly, we parted with our Ford in our second year of marriage after it caught fire and was not satisfactorily repaired.

It was the car that brought two “worlds” together.

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