Health Challenges

Health challenges are not new to me.    “By the grace of God,” with the blessing of medical care and pharmaceutical “miracles,” and with the love and encouragement of many people, I have been able to find some way to “get up” and keep living a meaningful life.

During this blog, I have been blessed with what, for me, is good health.  I’ have now reached, however, a stage in my multiple sclerosis, post polio syndrome and general aging that I must find ways to accomplish physical and mental functioning that I used to take for granted.  Heat can be debilitating for me, and when my core temperature rises with uncontrolled bodily heat or an infection, I can become quite helpless physically and mentally.  Post polio “brain fatigue” imposes some limitations, which I tend to ignore, to do something that I feel “needs to be done.. These limitations and influence at times can be detected in my writing and posts by myself and others.  Complicating such issues is the fact that I rely on speech recognition to do the main part of my writing, and that software often “hears” words that I did not intend.  My “MS slur doesn’t help.  When I do type, as now, it is “hunt-and-peck” with my right hand.  “When I am finished writing” a post, I often do not have the patience or the mental edge to adequately proof what I have written and posted.  I apologize to anyone who has noted erratic , non-sensical writing.  I hope I have now better proofed my earlier posts.

I have generally enjoyed good health while writing this blog; at least, whatever the progress of my post polio syndrome and multiple sclerosis has not affected my mind to the degree that I have felt incompetent to write on the subjects that I have. I would like to further explore the art masterpieces and the music that I have already posted, giving more of my own interpretations.  I would like to explore the art of writing, literature, as it relates to Biblical subjects and spiritual matters.  I trust that it has great potential for good.  My Legal Philosophy professor, John Snowden, closed a semester with the seemingly mystical saying: “If you ever have a problem, find a good book, and there you will find your answer.”   I hope this blog can be good reading for someone; it has been therapeutic for me.

So I will post notes that I have compiled from my readings over the years concerning theology, and then share with you some writings that I have developed over my lifetime.   I will start with the notes that I had gathered from my readings over the years, which have had great significance for me..


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