Quotes from Two Books of Teilhard de Chardin

Quotes from two books of Teilhard de Chardin

“He quotes with approval Nietzsche’s view that man is unfinished and must be surpassed or completed; and proceeds to deduce the steps needed for his completion.”

Introduction to The Phenomenon of Man, location 134.

“In 1925 he coined the term ‘noosphere’ to denote the sphere of mind.”

Introduction to The Phenomenon of Man, location 137.

“He seeks to link the evolution of mind with the concept of energy. If I understand him right, he envisages two forms of energy, or perhaps two modes in which it is manifested energy in the physicists sense, measurable or calculable by physical methods, and ‘ psychic energy’ which increases with the complexity of organized units.”

Introduction to The Phenomenon of Man, location 189.

“The brain alone is not responsible for mind, even though it is a necessary organ for its manifestation area indeed an isolated brain is a piece of biological nonsense, as meaningless as an isolated human individual. I would prefer to say that mind is generated by or in complex organizations of living matter.”

Introduction to The Phenomenon of Man, location 199. \

“Teilhard was a strong visualizer. He saw with his minds eye at the banal fact of the Earth’s roundness, the sphericity of man’s environment, was bound to cause this intensification of psychosocial activity. In an unlimited environment, man’s thoughts and his resultant psychosocial activity would simply diffuse outwards.”

Introduction to The Phenomenon of Man, location 211.

“He envisaged the process of human convergence as tending to a final state, which he called ‘point Omega.’”

Introduction to The Phenomenon of Man, location 228.

“The concept of a hyperpersonal mode of organization sprang from Teilhard’s conviction of the supreme importance of personality. [Patch human being] has crossed the threshold of self-consciousness to a new mode of thought, and as a result has achieved some degree of conscious integration – integration of the self with the outer world of man and nature, integration of the separate elements of the self with each other.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 247.

“This belief in the preeminent importance of the personality in the scheme of things was for him a matter of faith, but of faith supported by rational inquiry and scientific knowledge.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 253.

“Persons are individuals who transcend their merely organic individuality and conscious partners patient.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 260.

“It remains for our descendents to organize this global noosystem more adequately, so as to enable mankind to understand the process of evolution on earth more fully and to directed more adequately.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 270.

The editor notes that de Chardin delighted DMV phrase, “in modern scientific man, evolution was at last becoming conscious of itself.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 273.

“We should consider inter-thinking humanity as a new type of organism, whose destiny is to realize new possibilities for evolving life on this planet.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 274.

“A reading of Bergson’s ‘ Evolution Creatrice’ had helped to inspire in him a profound interest in the general facts and theories of evolution.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 295.

“As a dedicated Christian priest, he felt it imperative to try to reconcile Christian theology with this evolutionary philosophy, to relate the facts of religious experience of natural science.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 310.

“[In his] geological research in the desert remoteness of Mongolia and North Western China, [he was inspired] a remarkable and truly political essay which was at one and the same time mystical and realistic, religious and philosophical.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 319.

[In Mongolia he on earth the scroll of Peking man]

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 324.

“Some of the ideas which he had expressed in his lectures about original sin and its relation to evolution, were regarded as unorthodox by his religious superiors, and he was forbidden to continue teaching.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 319.

“But he never succeeded in obtaining permission to publish any of his controversial or major works. This caused much distress, for he was conscious of a prophetic mission: but he faithfully observed his vow of obedience.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 335.

“He wanted to deal with the entire human phenomenon, as a transcendence of biological I psychosocial evolution.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 345.

“He was prevailed on to leave his manuscripts to a friend. They therefore could be published after his death, since permission to publish is only required for the work of a living writer.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 369.

“It isn’t antientropic process, running counter to the second law of thermodynamics with its degradation of energy and its tendency to and uniformity. With the aid of the sun’s energy, biological evolution marches uphill, producing increased variety and higher degrees of organization.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 389.

“On this new psychological level, the evolutionary process leads to new types and higher degrees of the organization.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 400.

“He has helped to define the conditions of advance space… Bracket which] are these: global unity of mankind’s noetic organization or system of awareness, but a high degree of rioting within that unity; love, with goodwill and full cooperation; personal integration and internal harmony; and increasing knowledge.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 406.

“We, mankind, contain the possibilities of the Earth’s immense future, and can realize more and more of them on condition that we increase our knowledge and our love.”

Introduction to the Phenomenon of Man, location 413.

“Nothing is constructed except at the price of an equivalent destruction.”

The Phenomenon of Man, location 832.

“[T]he most convincing proof to me that life was produced once and once only on earth is furnished by the profound structural unity of the tree of life.” It is

Phenomenon of Man, location 1738.

“’ Survival of the fittest by natural selection’ is not a meaningless expression, provided it is not taken to imply either a final ideal or a final explanation.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 1979.

“What we find within the struggle to live is something deeper than a series of tools; it is a conflict of chances.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 1982.

“This dramatic and perpetual opposition between the one born of the many and the many constantly being born of the one runs right through evolution.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2021.

“All scientists are today an agreement for the very good reason that they couldn’t practice science if they thought otherwise.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2569.

“That there is an evolution of one sort or another is now, as I have said, common ground among scientists. Whether or not that evolution is directed is another question.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2586.

“But we have every reason to think that in animals to a certain inwardness exists approximately proportional to the development of their brains.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2632.

“The natural history of living creatures amounts on the exterior to the gradual establishment of a fast nervous system.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2677.

“To jolt the individual out of his natural laziness and the rut of habit, and also from time to time to break up the collective frameworks in which he is imprisoned, it is indispensable that he should be shaken and prodded from outside. What would we do without our enemies?”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2721.

“How can life respected determinism song the without and yet act and freedom within? Perhaps we shall understand that better someday.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2729.

“The superior psychic levels demands physically big brains.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2833.

“Unlike the insect, the mammal is no longer completely the slave of the phylum that belongs to. Around it an ‘aura’ of freedom begins to float, a glimmer of personality.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 2857.

“Admittedly the animal knows. But it cannot know that it knows: that is quite certain. If it could it would long ago have not plied its inventions and developed a system of internal constructions that could not have escaped our observation.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3001.

“From the moment we regard evolution as primarily cyclical transformation, we see there is not one instinct in nature, but a multitude of forms and instincts each corresponding to a particular solution of the problem of life.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3001.

“It is true that in the end, from the organic point of view, the whole metamorphosis leading command depends on the question of a better brain. But how was this cerebral for perfectioning to be carried out – how could it have worked – if there had not been a whole series of other conditions realized that just the same time?

Phenomenon of Man, location 3093.

“Life does not work by following a single thread, nor yet by fits and starts. It pushes forward its whole network at one and the same time.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3101.

“What at first sight disconcert suss, on the other hand, is the need to accept that this step could only be achieved at one single stroke.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3105.

“Let us therefore keep hold of one idea – that the access to thought represents a threshold which had to be crossed at a single stride;…”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3126.

“The more deeply science plumbs the past of our humanity, the more clearly does it see that humanity, as a species, forms to the rhythm and the rules that marked each new offshoot on the tree of life before the advent of mankind.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3381.

“To call Pithecanthropus and Sinanthropus pre-hominids might suggest that they were not yet quite man. And that, according to my argument, which means that they had not yet crossed the threshold of reflection. The contrary seems to me much more probable; that, while admittedly far from having reached the level on which we stand, they were already, both of them, in the full sense of the word, intelligent beings.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3539.

“Throughout living phyla, at all events among higher animals where we can follow the process more easily, social development is a progress that comes relatively late. It is an achievement of maturity. In man, for reasons closely connected with his power of reflection, this transformation is accelerated.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3698.

“With man (at all events with post-Neolithic man) simple elimination tends to become exceptional, or at all events secondary. However brutal the conquest, the suppression is always accompanied by some degree of assimilation.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3797.

“Formerly, on the tree of life we had a mere 10 goal of stems; now over the whole domain of Homo sapiens we have synthesis.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3803.

“Traditions became organized and a collective memory was developed.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3751.

“The better we get the past into perspective, the more clearly we see that the periods called ‘historic’ (right down to and including the beginning of ‘modern’ times) are nothing else than direct prolongation’s of the Neolithic age.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3758.

“One might well become impatient or lose heart at the sight of so many minds (and not mediocre ones either) remaining today still closed to the idea of evolution.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3978.

“Is evolutionary a theory, a system or a hypothesis? It is much more: it is a general condition which all theories, all hypotheses, all systems must bow in which they must satisfy henceforward if they are to be thinkable and true. Evolution is a light illuminating all facts.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 3985.

“However materialistic they might be, it did not occur to the first evolutionists that their scientific intelligence had anything to do in itself with evolution.”

Phenomenon of Man, location or thousand 4008.

“Unique in this respect among all the energies of the universe, consciousness is a dimension which it is inconceivable and even contradictory to ascribe a ceiling or to suppose that it can double back upon itself.… Every increase of internal vision is essentially the germ of a further vision which includes all the others carry still farther on.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4237.

“If we abide evil by our fundamental principle of not imposing evil by evil we cannot purchase patent sedition, treason, or violence. We shall submit to every ordinance and every requirement of government, except such as are contrary to the commands of the gospel, and in no case resist the operation of law, except by meekly submitting to the penalty of disobedience.”

Tolstoy: The Kingdom of God Is within You: Christianity Not As a Mystic Religion but As a New Theory of Life, Kendall location 122.

“Without the taste for life, mankind would soon stop inventing and constructing for a work it knew to be doomed in advance.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 255.

“There is no such thing as the energy of despair, in spite of what is sometimes said. What those words really mean is a peroxisome of hope against hope. All conscious energy is, like love (and because it is love), founded on hope.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 260.

“Between these two alternatives of absolute optimism or absolute pessimism, there is no middle way because by its very nature progress is all or nothing.… On neither side is there any tangible evidence to produce. Only, in support of hope, there are rational invitations to an act of faith.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4279.

“Undeniably, quite apart from any hypothesis, the external play of cosmic forces, when combined with the nature – so prone to coalesce – of our thinking souls, operates towards a concentration of the energies of consciousness;…”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4385.

“[Humanity] has succeeded, not only in becoming cosmopolitan, but in stretching a single organized membrane over the earth without breaking it. To what should we attribute this strange condition if not to a reversal, or more exactly a radical perfectioning, of the ways of life by the operation (at last, and only now possible) of a powerful instrument of evolution – the coalescence upon itself of an entire file?”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4401.

“The principal axis of revolution: evermore complexity and thus evermore consciousness.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4460.

“The egocentric ideal of a future reserved for those who have managed to attain egotistic leave the extremity of everyone for himself is false and against nature. No element could move and grow except with and by all the others with itself.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4461.

“The outcome of the world, the gates of the future, the entry into the superhuman – these are not thrown open to a few of the privileged nor to one chosen people to the exclusion of all others. They will open only to an advance of altogether, in a direction which all together can join and find completion in a spiritual renovation of the earth.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4466.

“No evolutionary future awaits man except in association with all other men. The dreamers of yesterday glimpsed that.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4495.

“A new domain of psychic coal expansion – that is what we lack. And it is staring us in the face if we would only raise their heads to look at it.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4628.

“After all half 1 million years, perhaps even 1 million, were required for life the past from the pre-hominids to modern man. Should we now start ringing our hands because, less than two centuries after glimpsing a higher state, modern man is still at loggerheads with himself?”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4657.

“Is it not possible that in our theories and interacts he had neglected to give due place to the person and the forces of personalization?”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4703.

“To be fully ourselves it is in the opposite direction, in the direction of convergence with all the rest, that we must advance towards the ‘other.’”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4812.

“The true ego grows in inverse proportion to ‘egoism’. Like the Omega which attracts it, the element only becomes personal when it universalized is itself.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4815.

“Considered in its full biological reality, love – that is to say, the affinity of being with being – is not peculiar to man.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4831.

“Love in all its subtleties is nothing more, and nothing less, than the more or less direct trace marked on the heart of the element by the psychical convergence of the universe upon itself.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4845.

” Mankind, the spirit of the year, the synthesis of individuals and peoples, the paradoxical conciliation of the element with the whole, and of the unity with multitude – all these are called Utopian and yet they are biologically necessary. And for them to be incarnated in the world all we may well need is to imagine our power of loving developed until it embraces the total of Man and of the earth.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4860.

“A universal love is not only psychologically possible; it is the only complete and final way in which we are able to love.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 4879.

“We have noticed that, since man’s advent, there has been a certain slowing down of the passive and somatic transformations of the organism in favor of the conscious and active Metamorphoses of the individual absorbed in society.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5067.

“I can distinguish three principal ones in which we see again the predictions to which we were already led by our analysis of the ideas of science and humanity. They are: the organization of research, the concentration of research upon the subject of man, and the conjunction of science and religion. These are three natural terms of one and the same progression.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 1591.

“Something has been started which, I am convinced, will now never stop.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5098.

“Have we ever given serious thought to the predicament we are in?”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5100.

We behave as though we expected discoveries to fall ready-made from the sky, like rain or sunshine, all men concentration the serious business of killing each other and eating.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5107.

“Less is provided annually for all the research all over the world than for one capital ship. Surely our great grandsons will not be wrong if they think of us as barbarians?”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5111.

“But the moment will come – it is bound to – when man will be forced by disparity of the equipment attached to admit that science is not an accessory occupation for him but an essential activity, a natural derivative of the over – spill of energy constantly liberated by mechanization.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5116.

“A commercial market can reach saturation point. One day, though substitutes may be found, we shall have exhausted our minds and oil wells. But to all appearances nothing on earth will ever saturate our desire for knowledge or exhaust our power for invention.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5135.

“Man, the knowing object, will perceive that last that man, ‘the object of knowledge’, is the key to the whole science of nature.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5145.

“But man, we should add, is a solution of everything that we can know.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5147.

“Psychologically, our souls are incredibly subtle and complex: how can one fit them into a world of laws and formulas?”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5151.

“In the course of the coming centuries it is indispensable that a nobly human form of eugenics, on a standard worthy of our personalities, should be discovered and developed.”

Phenomenon of Man, location the 176.

“We need and are irresistibly being led to create, by means of and beyond all physics, all biology and all psychology, science of human energetics. It is in the course of that creation, already obscure only be gone, that science, by being late to concentrate on man, will find itself increasingly face-to-face with religion.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5187.

“To outward appearance, the modern world was born of an anti-religious movement: man becoming self-sufficient and reasons supplanting belief.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5192.

“But, as the tension is prolonged, that conflict visibly seems to need to be resolved in terms of an entirely different form of equilibrium – not in the elimination, nor do well at the, but in synthesis.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5196.

“Religion and science are the two conjugated faces were phases of one and the same act of knowledge, the only one which can embrace the past and future of evolution so as to contemplate, measure and fulfill them.

Phenomenon of Man, location 5221.

“We may begin by asking seriously whether life will not perhaps one day succeed in ingeniously forcing the bars of its earthly prison, either by a finding the means to invade other inhabited planets or (a still more giddy perspective) by getting into psychical touch with other focal points of consciousness across the abysses of space.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5263.

“For these two reasons among others I adopt the supposition that our noosphere is destined to close in upon itself in isolation, and that it is in a psychical rather than a spatial direction that it will find an outlet, without need to leave for overflow the earth. Hence quite naturally, the notion of change of state occurs.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5263.

“Human history develops between two points of reflection, the one inferior and individual, the other superior and collective.”

“God – Omega.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5283.

“Hatred and internecine struggles will have disappeared in the ever warmer radiance of Omega. Some sort of unanimity will reign over the entire mass of the noosphere. The final convergence will take place in peace.”

As to progress into the future, de Chardin writes, “there are no summits without abysses.

Phenomenon of Man, location 5299.

“The only universe capable of containing the human person is an ‘irreversibly’ personalizing” universe.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5339.

“By its very structure of the noosphere could not close itself either individually or socially in any way a save under the influence of the center we have called Omega.”.

Phenomenon of Man, location 5351.

“At the present time no other energy of a personal nature could be detected on Earth save that represented by the sum of human persons.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5358.

“If, on the other hand, Omega is, as we have admitted, already in existence and operative at the very core of the thinking mass, then it would seem inevitable that its existence should be manifested to us here and now through some traces.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5359.

“… Uncompromising affirmation of a personal God: God as Providence, directing the universe with loving, watching care; and to God the revealer, communicating himself to man on the level of and through the ways of intelligence.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5383.

“Is the kingdom of God a big family? Yes, MA sensitives. But in another sense it is a prodigious biological operation – that of the redeeming incarnation.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5400.

“Then, as St. Paul tells us, God shall be in all. This is indeed a superior form of pantheism without traces of poison of adulteration or annihilation. . . .”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5408.

“Following Greek thought – following all thoughts in fact – are not ‘to be’ and’ to be one’identical?

“Christian love is incomprehensible to those who have not experienced it.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5434.

“To be able to say literally to God that one loves him, not only with all one’s body, all one’s heart and all one’s soul, but with every fiber of the unifying universe – that is a prayer that can only be made in space time.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5467.

“… We are logically forced to assume the existence in rudimentary form… Of some sort of psyche in every corpuscle, even in those… Whose complexity is of such a low or modest order as to render it (the psyche) in perceptible.”

Phenomenon of Man, location 5537.

Christianity and Evolution

De Chardin uses the phrase, “religion of the earth” and “the God of the ahead.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 76.

“To keep things quite here, we should be careful to distinguish between secularity, secularization, and secularism. By secularity is commonly meant recognition of the value inherent in the earth and in man’s earthly activity – that human activity of which the most important part is, in this age, constituted by science, technology, and the organization of society. By secularization we mean the historical and sociological process which led to this recognition, and which is characterized by a progressive enfranchisement, in man’s scientific and political activity, from any inference on the part of theology and metaphysics. I secularism, finally, we mean every attitude or teaching which stresses ex-clue civilly the values of earth the life at the expense of any religious or metaphysical consideration.”

“All secularism, it goes without saying, is unacceptable to the Christian, but what should be the Christian’s attitude to the undeniable fact of secularization? How are we to define the relationship between the message of the Gospel and the ‘religion of the earth.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 82.

“So long as the church neglects, by means of a refashioned Christology (all the elements of which are available to us) to solve the apparent conflict that henceforth exists between the traditional God of revelation and the new God of evolution, so long, too, will there be an increasing distress not only on the fringe of the believing world but at its very core; and, pari passu, Christianity’s power to attract and convert will grow last.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 89.

“The crisis we are suffering today does indeed consist in the conflict between a religion of transcendence and a secularized world, between the ‘God of the above and the God of the ahead’, between a ‘religion of heaven’ and a ‘religion of the earth.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 97.

“In Teilhard man’s earthly work is linked to the idea of a world in evolution.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 100.

Teilhard, therefore, was perfectly justified in exulting the greatness and the dignity of that work and speaking of a ‘holy love of earth’, long before Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke of a ‘holy secularity, or worldliness.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 103.

“Teilhard felt that the solution… Was to be found at the very center of the Christian faith, in an updated Christology.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 108.

“Teilhard considers the value of the world and asks how it can be related to the incarnate Word.” 113.

“The organ made for seeing God is not (if you get to the bottom of the dogma) the isolated human soul; it is the human united to all the other souls, under the humanity of Christ.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 155.

“And yet it is quite obvious that thought must have a certain organic support, which is itself a function of certain physico – chemical conditions.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 228.

“We cannot pin down the point at which the hand of God is apparent. It acts upon the whole body of causes without making itself evident at any point.”

“Properly speaking, God does not make: he makes things make themselves. That is why there is no breach or cleavage at the point at which he enters.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 306.

“Considered objectively, material facts have in them something of the divine. In relation, however, to our knowledge, this divine element of them is no more than a potency.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 333.

“And it is almost impossible to conceive that, among the millions of looking ways which whirl in space, there is not one which is known, or is going to know, conscious life – and that evil, the same evil is that which is such a blemish on earth, is not contaminating all of them, like some insidious ether.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 441.

[As to the traditional concept of original sin] “he is caught in a dilemma: either he must completely redraw the historical representation of original sin (= a first man’s disobedience); or he must restrict the theological fall and redemption to a small portion of the universe that has reached such boundless dimensions. The Bible St. Paul Christ and virgin and so on, but hold good only for earth.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 444.

“Let me say frankly what I think: it is impossible to universalize the first Adam without destroying his individuality.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 459.

“[The doctrine of original sin] simply symbolizes the inevitable chance of evil… Which accompanies the existence of all participated being.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 471.

“Strictly speaking, there is no first Adam. The name this guys is a universal and unbreakable law of reversion or perversion – the price that has to be paid for progress.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 479.

“A mankind which proclaims that it is alone, or in a special position, in the universe reminds us of the philosopher claims to reduce the whole of the real to his own consciousness, so exclusively as they deny true existence to other men.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 514.

“It is infinitely probable that the conscious layer of the cosmos is not confined to a single point (our mankind) but continues beyond the Earth into other stars and other times.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 518.

“The idea of an earth chosen arbitrarily from countless others as the focus of redemption is one that I cannot accept; and on the other hand the hypothesis of a special revelation, in some millions of centuries to come, teach the inhabitants of the system of Andromeda that the Word was incarnate on earth, is just ridiculous.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 522.

“Unless we introduce a relativity and time we should have to admit, surely, that Christ has still to be incarnate in some as yet uninformed star?… What, then, becomes of ‘Christ died for our sins.’ And what becomes, too, of the unique role of the Virgin Mary?

Christianity and Evolution, location 526.

“Christ is all or nothing.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 532.

“The more we bring the past to life again by means of science, the less we can accommodate either Adam or the earthly paradise.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 547.

“I am inclined to favor a third explanation. This is that original sin expresses, translates, personifies, in an instantaneous and localized act, the perennial and universal law of imperfection which operates in the mankind in virtue of his being ‘ln fiery.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 622.

“DB attitude of the earthly paradise is the salvation constantly offered to all, but rejected by many, and so arranged that nobody can succeed in obtaining it except by unification of his being in our Lord. (And what determines the supernatural character of this unification is that it is affected gratuitously around the world and not around an infra-divine center.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 628.

“On earth we are essentially separate, incomplete – a point made, you may remember, in Plato’s Phaedrus. We are seeking desperately for our completion.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 695.

“Fundamentally, we have but one passion: to become one with the world which envelops us.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 697.

“We cannot but quite seriously question whether there may not be a sort of cosmic consciousness in our soul, more diffuse than our personal consciousness.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 704.

“Poets have never been truly public’s (nor will they ever be) except insofar as they have responded to some flash of the absolute, of the universal making itself apparent to them in one or other of the manifestations.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 714.

“We may say, I believe, that there is no profound poetry, no true lyricism, no sublimity and words, in our touring music, that does not rest upon the evocation of the Whole, pre-sentiment of, nostalgia for, the Whole.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 716.

“And yet there have always been poets: there must, then, always have been naturally pantheist souls.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 718.

“Pantheism in the wide sense in which I am now discussing it, as referring, that is, to a concern for the Whole, is seen to be religious, fundamentally religious.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 724.

“The Whole cannot reveal itself to us without our recognizing in it God, or the shadow of God.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 728.

“All the progress we have made, since the Renaissance, in penetrating nature derives, indeed, from what may be expressed in just these few words: the discovery of the universes infinite extension and infinite cohesion in space and time.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 754.

“At the present moment (pending, that is, further discoveries) we stand between two extreme terms of material elements, the electron and the nebula. And within this wide vector him of corpuscular magnitudes, to whose lines there would appear to be no limit either in length or number, there prevails an unimaginable solidarity; operating through the mysterious zones of the ether and of gravity, this knits everything that exists into an extraordinary continuum of energy.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 757.

“We can see the worship of the world in every quarter, wherever we look.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 784.

[Speaking of human progress], “some sort of super mankind.   Were one able to make one’s way to the bottom of men’s souls, one would find that worship sustaining the most unbelieving of scientists in his researches. On almost every occasion it is that which provides a refuge for the best minds that abandon the various Christian forms of belief.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 790.

“Nobody, I think, can fail to see that the vital question for Christianity today is to decide what attitude believers will adopt towards this recognition of the value of the Whole, this ‘preoccupation with the Whole.’Will they open their hearts to it, or will they reject it as an evil spirit?”

Christianity and Evolution, location 790.

“Science and philosophy’s revelation of the whole is an undeniable fact.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 803.

“In one manner or the other it still remains true that, even in the view of the mirror biologist, the human epic resembles nothing so much as a way of the Cross.”

The Phenomenon of Man, location 5757.

“The present religious crisis derives from the integrin is in between the God of supernatural revelation on one side and the great mysterious figure of the universe on the other summer in consequence there will be no permanent peace for our faith unless we succeed in understanding that God and the cosmos are not real enemies – that there is no opposition between them …”

Christianity and Evolution, location 809.

“We have Scripture (St. Paul, in particular) to tell us what, in a general way, will be the final appearance of the world restored in Jesus Christ.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 822.

[Teilhard seems to be committed to scientific principles, but in doing so, he adapts his religious faith to conform, or affirm that.  That seems to be affirmed by what follows:]

let us, then, see whether, in examining the features of this new Earth, we may not find a way of arriving at a new interpretation that will fit in with both the expectations of the pantheist and the hopes of the Christian.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 822.

“However individual our salvation may be from many points of view, it is in consequence accomplished only by collective fulfillment.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 826.

“There can be no hiding the fact: in the present teaching of theology and ascetics, the most prominent tendency is to give the word ‘mystical’ (in mystical body, mystical union) a minimum of organic or physical meaning.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 840.

“Without realizing it, they make the very common mistake of regarding the spiritual as an attenuation of the material, whereas it is in fact the material carried beyond itself: it is super material.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 850.

“What form must our Christology take if it is to remain itself in the New World?”

Christianity and Evolution, location 955.

“Our Christology is still expressed in exactly the same terms as those which, three centuries ago, could satisfy men whose outlook on the cosmos is now physically impossible for us to accept.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 967.

“Nothing can any longer find place in our constructions which does not first satisfy the conditions of the universe and process of transformation. A Christ whose features do not adapt themselves to the requirements of a world that is evolutive in structure will tend more and more to be eliminated out of hand.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 980.

“Reduction, incarnation, the gospel message: how are these three aspects of Christology to be modified if they are to measure up to the properties of an evolutive world.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 992.

“The fact is that it is the determination to preserve the literal interpretation of the story of the Fall which accounts for the stubbornness with which the concrete reality of the first human couple was defended.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 997.

“From the point of view of the Christian scientist, acceptance of Adam and Eve necessarily means that history is cut off short in a completely unreal way at the level of the appearance of man; what is more, when we reached the more immediately living domain of belief, original sin, in its present representation, is a constant bar to the natural development of our religion.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1001. Next line ”

“. . . it drags us back inexorably into the overpowering darkness of reparation and expiation.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1005.

“Original sin, conceived in the form still attributed to it today, is an intellectual and emotional stuck trade jacket.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1006.

“To my mind, the answer is that if the dogma of original sin is constricting and debilitating it is simply because, as now expressed, it represents a survival of obsolete static views into our now evolutionary way of thinking. Fundamentally, in fact, the idea of Fall was no more than an attempt to explain evil in a fixed universe. As such, it is completely out of keeping with the rest of our representations of the world; and that is why we find it oppressive.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1008.

“Original sin is a static solution to the problem of evil.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1013.

“They suggest the punishments which every human group decides to inflict on those who upset the established order.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1019.

“We must remember, the world was only a week old and Adam send. Nothing in paradise, accordingly, had yet had time to perish.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1026.

“So far as dogma is concerned, we are still living in the atmosphere of a universe in which what matters most is reparation and expiation. The vital problem, both for Christ and ourselves, is to get rid of the stain.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1029.

“It is, in short, because Christ is still today projected upon a static world, as he used to be, that he is presented to us in official ecclesiastical documents chiefly through the shadow of his cross.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1032.

“In this new setting, while evil loses nothing of its poignancy or horror, it ceases to be an incomprehensible element in the structure of the world becomes a natural feature.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1037.

“Fewer act and not being are diametrically opposed in the same way as our perfected unity and fewer multiple.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1048.

“I say this with all sincerity: I have always found it impossible to be sincerely moved to pity by a crucifix so long as this suffering was presented to me as the expiation of a transgression which God could have averted – either because he had no need of man, or because he could’ve made him and some other way.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1075.

“The complete and definitive meaning of redemption is no longer only to expiate: it is to surmount and conquer. The full mystery of baptism is no longer to clans but (as the Greek fathers fully realized) to plunge into the fire of the pure fine battle “’for being, – no longer the shadow, but the sweat and toil, of the Cross.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1084.

“We must clearly understand what is meant by an evolution of world. It is one in which the consistency of the elements and their stability of balance lie and the direction not of matter but of spirit.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1104.

“All the spirit of the earth combining to produce an increase of thinking unity; that is the avenue opening up ahead of us.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1149.

“The church (and this is perhaps the clearest evidence of her immortal truth) is alone now in effectively preserving the idea and the experience of a personal God head.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1155.

“’There has been too much talk of lambs. Give the Lions a chance.’Too much gentleness and not enough force. Those symbols are a fair summary of my feelings and my theme, as I turned to the Western of readjusting the gospel teaching to the modern world.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1162.

“The truth about today’s gospel is that it has ceased, or practically ceased, to have any attraction because it has become unintelligible.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1168.

“Here again, if we are to remain faithful to the gospel, we have to adjust its spiritual code to the new shape of the universe. Henceforth the universe assumes an additional dimension for our experience. It has ceased to be the formal garden from which we are temporarily banished by a friend of the creator.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1172.

“With a new view of space, a third road is opening up: to make our way to heaven through Earth.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1193.

“’History shows that no religion has been able to maintain itself in the world for more than 2000 years. Once that time has run out, they all die.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1207.

“… Our formulas have become narrow and inflexible.… There must be a moult if we are to continue to live.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1211.

“I believe Christianity to be immortal.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1215.

“After what will soon be 2000 years, Christ must be born again, he must be reincarnated into a world that is become too different from that in which he lived. Christ cannot reappear tangibly among us; but he can reveal to our minds a new and triumphant aspect of his former countenance.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1221.

“By upbringing and intellectual training, I belong to the ‘children of heaven’; but by temperament, and by my professional studies, I am a ‘child of the earth.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1239.

“Today I believe probably more profoundly than ever in God, and certainly more than ever in the world.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1244.

“’It is through that which is most incommunicable he personal in us that we may contact you with the universal.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1254.

“On the strict psychological plane to which I intend to confine myself here, I mean by ‘faith’ any adherence of our intelligence to a general view of the universe.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1256.

“To believe is to affect and intellectual synthesis.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1260.

“Similarly, I maintain, in the domain of beliefs, every faith is born from a faith.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1265.

“If, as the result of some interior revolution, I were to lose in succession by faith in Christ, my faith in a personal God, and my faith in spirit, I feel that I should continue to believe insensibly in the world. The world (its value, yes infallibility and its goodness) – that, when all is said and done, is the first, the last, and the only thing in which I believe. It is by this faith that I live.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1279.

“’Everything holds together.’Expressed in this elementary form, faith in the world does not differ noticeably from the acceptance of the scientific truth.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1291.

“For me, in other words, there are no longer any ‘things’ in the world; there are only ‘elements.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1302.

“There are basically two types of mind, and only two: those who do not go beyond (and see no need to go beyond) reception of the multiple – however interlinked in itself the multiple may appear to be – and those whom perception of the same principle was necessarily completed in some unity.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1307.

“There are only, in fact, pluralists and modernists: those who do not see, and those who do.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1309.

“The unity of the world is by nature dynamic or evolutive two.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1345.

“We now see beings as like threadless fibers, woven into a universal process. Everything falls back into a past abyss, and everything rushes forward into a future abyss.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1349.

“Spiritual evolution. I note that the juxtaposition of these two words still seems contradictory, or at any rate anti-scientific, to a great number (and perhaps the majority) of natural scientists and physicists.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1356.

“It is a curious thing: man, the centering creator of all science, is the only object which our science has not yet succeeded in including in a homogenous representation of the universe. We know the history of his bones: but no ordered places yet been found in nature for his reflective intelligence.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1364.

“On earth we perceive a constant increase in psyche throughout time.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1381.

“A basis of spirit preserves all the laws noted by physics, while at the same time relating directly to thought.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1383.

Quote the spirit in question has a special, well-defined nature. It in no way represents some entity which is independent of matter or antagonistic to it, or floating in, the physical world.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1392.

“. . . spirit which is born within, and as a junction of matter.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1395.

“’It is better, no matter what the cost, to be more conscious than less conscious.’ This principle, I believe, is the absolute condition of the world’s existence.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1398.

“The only reality in the world is the passion for growth.

Christianity and Evolution, location 1403.

“I realized that the discovery and around me of the nation spirit and nothing at all if that spirit was not immortal. Immortality which, in the very wide sense in which I use the word, means your reversibility.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1409.

“There is, indeed, no discernible limit to the depths to which knowledge and love can be carried. But if spirit can grow greater without any check, surely that is an indication that it will in fact do so in a different universe whose fundamental law would appear to be ‘if a thing is possible it will be realized.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1413.

“One thing is certain – that in the short interval covered by the last two centuries, the collective powers of spirit have increased to an impressive degree. All around us there is a general convergence, and everything is on the point of forming one solid block within mankind.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1417.

“The poll of two combined opposite currents, each equally year reversible: entropy and life.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1429.

“Each one of us to
some degree forms but one with the totality of the universe. It is the same with action.

Christianity and Evolution, location 1429.

“What conditions must the world satisfy if it is to be possible for a conscious freedom to operate in it?”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1431.

“For my own part, the thing is clear: in the case of a true act (by which I mean one to which one gives something of one’s own life), I cannot undertake it unless I have the underlying intention (as Thucydides noted many centuries ago) of constructing a ‘work of abiding value,’… not that I am so vain, but some sort of essential instinct makes me guess at the joy, as the only worthwhile joy, of cooperating as one individual atom in the final establishment of a world: and ultimately nothing else can mean anything to me.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1437.

[This reminds me of something dad wrote to me 7-8 years ago. He said that think that the point of Christianity is dying and going to heaven. He says no, it is living a life of eternal significance. At their 40th wedding anniversary, I had asked him about that statement. In response, he said he didn’t think were made to be throwaways, and he referred to the 25th chapter of Matthew, where Jesus tells the story that does who treated others with love treated him with love and would enter their reward, whereas those who did not, would enter into their punishment.]

“Man, the more he is man, can give himself only to what he loves; and ultimately he loves only what is indestructible.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1453.

“The time is close at hand when mankind will see that, precisely in virtue of its position in a cosmic evolution which it has become capable of discovering and criticizing, it now stands biologically between the alternatives of suicide and worship.

Christianity and Evolution, location 1460.

“[This new vision] must provide ahead of us and unlimited horizon. Without this, the world would be incapable of sustaining the progress it stimulates.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1466.

“When everything else, after concentrating were being dissipated, has passed away, spirit will remain.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1472.

“The personal with which we are constantly in contact is an element (a monad); on the other hand it is primarily by diffuse activities that the universe is made known to our experience.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1484.

“The spirit of the world, in the natient form in which it appeared to me, is not a fluid, an ether, or an energy.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1488.

“Personalized being, which makes us to be human, is the highest date in which we are enabled to apprehend the stuff of the world.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1492.

“It cannot, therefore, but the ‘superconscious,’ which means ‘super personal.’”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1494.

“Dust, for my own part, I cannot conceive and evolution towards spirit which does not culminate in a supreme personality.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1498.

“Then, however, we meet the complementary question of what will remain of each one of us in this ultimate consciousness of itself which the universe will attain.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1500.

“Once the fruit of my life has been gathered up into an immortality, a self-centered consciousness of that factory enjoyment of it matters little to me.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1502.

“It is enough for me in that respect that what is best in me should past, there to remain forever, into one whose greater and finer than I.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1504.

“I know that I belong to the world and that I shall return to it, not simply in the ashes of my body, but in all the developed powers of my mind and heart. I can love the world.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1536.

“Religion, born of the Earth’s need for the disclosing of the God, is related to and coextensive with, not the individual man but the whole of mankind.”

Christianity and Evolution, location 1554.

“Can one, without distorting the Christian attitude, passed from the notion of humanization by redemption to humanization by evolution?”

Christianity and evolution at 1892.

“Here, if I am not mistaken, is the core of the modern religious problem, and the starting point, it may well be, of a new theology.”

Christianity and evolution at 1894.

“Under the pressure of today’s events and the evidence we now have, the tangible world that its future developments are certainly taking on an increasing interest for the followers of the gospel. This is producing a humanist revival in religion… [Which] prefers to emphasize its luminous aspect. … Christ is tending more and more to appeal to us as leader and King of the world: this is in addition to, and as strong as, his appeal as it’s atoner.”

Christianity and evolution at 1914.

“For a century now, they persistently growing importance of humanity and modern thought has been a matter of concern and anxiety to defenders of religion. And you star has risen, a rival, they believed, to God; and they have constantly sought to deny its reality or diminish its brilliance.”

Christianity and evolution at 1948.

De Chardin argues that human progress and the kingdom of God are not contradictory, but are “two magnetic forces; further, he argues that the Christian Renaissance time is biologically due from the conjunction of those two forces.

Christianity and evolution at 1952.

“These two spiritual currents may feed, swell, and fertilize one another, and so, by synthesis, make Christianity break through into a new sphere: the very sphere in which the Redeemer, combining in himself the energies of both heaven and earth, will take his place supernaturally (as seen by our faith) at the actual focus point upon which the rays of evolution naturally (as seen by our science) converge.”

Christianity and evolution at 1958.

“To conform to the facts of experience and at the same time to meet the demands of faith, the original Fall cannot be located at one given moment of time or one given place.”

Christianity and evolution at 1970.

“The stuff of which grace is made to strictly biological.… [It] has a bearing on the theory of the Eucharist, and, more generally, on that of all the sacraments.”

Jeana T and evolution at 2018.

“It is abundantly clear that the origin of evil does not raise the same difficulties open parenthesis your call for the same explanations) in a universe which is evolutive in structure, as it does in a static universe, fully formed from the outset.”

Christianity and evolution at 1975.

“From this it follows that a threefold faith is necessary, and sufficient, as a foundation for the Christian position: 1. Faith in the (personalizing) personality of God, the focus of the world. 2. Faith in the divinity of the historic Christ (not only profit and perfect man, but also object of love and worship). 3. Facing the reality of the church file and, in which and around which Christ continues to develop, in the world, his total personality. [Everything else is subsidiary.

“The only religion mankind wants and can henceforth acknowledge is one that is capable of justifying, assimilating and animating cosmic progress, as shown in the ascent of mankind.”]

Christianity and evolution at 2038.

“… The universe, as now revealed to us by fax, is moving towards higher states of consciousness and spirituality…”

Christianity and evolution at 2049

“evolutionism and Christianity need one another to support and complete each other.”

Christianity and evolution at 2055.

“Evolution, we might say, preserves Christ (by making him possible), and at the same time Christ preserves evolution (by making it concrete and desirable).

Christianity and evolution at 2060.

“One thing at least appears certain, that… God never reveals himself to us from outside, I intrusion, but from within, by stimulation, elevation and enrichment of the human psychic current…”

Christianity and evolution at 2122.

“To assert the existence of hell is simply a negative way of saying that, by physical and organic necessity, man can attain his happiness and fulfillment only by being true to the movement which carries them along, and so reaching this term of his evolution.”

Christianity and evolution at 2183.

“To be Catholic is the only way of being fully and utterly Christian.” [Is this intended to appease the Catholic Church’s censure of him?]

Christianity and evolution at 2247.

“… matter and spirit are now seen as two terms mutually integrated in the unity of one and the same movement…”

Christianity and evolution at 2261.

“Christianity is preeminently a faith in the progressive unification of the world and God; it is essentially universalist, organic and monist.”

Christianity and evolution at 2276.

“The more the century succeed one another… The more men are forced against one another on our round planet… Is pressure upon itself is continually being increased, not nearly so much by its numerical growth as by the multiplication of interconnections of all kinds and the amazing speeding out of their development.”

Activation of energy at 485.

“By its nature, love is the only synthesizing energy whose differentiating actions can super-personalize us.”

Activation of energy at 567.

“Love, in fact, is the expression and the agent of universal synthesis.”

Activation of energy at 867.

“One thing is scientifically incontestable: in the whole history of life there is never been such an accumulation of organized energy concentrated in so small a volume as during the present war (World War II).”

Activation of energy at 1029.

[Became of the lack of universalism in the Democratic, the communist, and axis mystiques) “these various movements cannot fail in the end to discover that though they may set out on opposite sides they’re all tackling the same mountain, and they must inevitably meet at the same peak: and that is the personalizing Association of the greatest possible number of men, through the heart, in one lesson mind.”

Activation of energy at 1157.

“It is centricity that makes beings personal and Omega supremely centered.”

Activation of energy at 1360.

Corte quotes Teilhard de Chardin: “Little by little I grew more and more conscious, less as an abstract notion than as a presence of a profound, ontological total drift of the Universe around me: so conscious of this that it filled my whole horizon.” For Teilhard Evolution was this drift, a vital reality and not mere hypothesis.

Nicolas Corte, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: His Life and Spirit

Max Begouens met Teilhard in war and through war experiences lost his faith. He confronted Teilhard with this loss of faith after the war, and Teilhard responded. “Very simply, with that kindness and affection which never seemed to leave him, he expounded to me his ideas on Creation, the meaning of Evolution, the supreme and active part played in the Evolution of the Cosmos by Christ. . . [T]he Father gave me explanations that threw light on everything. He gave me the answer I had so long been waiting for.”

Nicolas Corte, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: His Life and Spirit

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