Quotes That I Have Gathered – O

Omega Point

Teilhard’s goal was to bridge science and philosophy. Biologists on the whole would likely accept the following propositions:

1. the increase of unification in structures as advance of life is achieved;

2. the correspondence between external complexity and level of interiority;

3. the dialectic of continuity and discontinuity: matter, life and mankind, although bound together as one are yet separated by thresholds.

For the majority of scientists these laws, which imply a belief in transformism, hold no difficulty in principle. The real quarrel comes when these propositions are taken to their extreme limit: Omega Point. This is contested not only by materialistic atheism, but by the scientific method itself. This affirmance is very important to Teilhard: a dynamic finality of the ascending movement of the cosmos implies a transcendent being. Pere Danielson was right in congratulating Teilhard on having, in the face of modern skepticism and the crisis that threatened truth (even scientific), laid down the metaphysical basis of truth.

Emily Rideau, The Thought of Teilhard de Chardin

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