Religion, Science, and Angry Atheists

In a recent post, I had asserted that Christian fundamentalism and atheism are the opposite sides of the same coin. Certainty is the risk of each. Each claims the truth, but “truth” without humility is not only dogmatic, but, when joined with power, risks all of the evils of authoritarianism and totalitarianism.

However, I do not see all claims of atheism to be dogmatic. For some, it is merely a response to a fundamentalist claim.  Such fundamentalism does not need to be Christian, but can also be Jewish, Muslim, or any other theistic religion.  For such claims of atheism, it may mean nothing more than, in effect, saying, ” I reject this notion of God that you’re trying to ram down my throat.”  Then there is the fundamentalist atheist who rejects all notions of religion and truth other than that which he or she holds.  In my past series of posts entitled Cry, “Justice!” I approached notions of God from the perspective of meaning in life which transcends physical circumstances and limits.

I have previously refered to the Huffington Post as one of the resource considering the issues of science and religion.


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