Table of Contents

The Bible Through Artists’ Eyes

  1. Introduction
  2. II. Graphic Arts
    1. Old Testament

i.      Pentateuch

ii.      Ancient Myth

iii.      Abraham: Father of Many Nations (and Religions)

iv.      The Roots of Judaism

v.      The Living, Liberating God Revealed: I Am Yah·weh, I Am Becoming

vi.      Stories of Early Israel

vii.      Kings

viii.      Prophets

  1. New Testament

i.      Life and teaching of Jesus

ii.      Early Christianity


  1. Church Architecture and Its Incorporation of Art
    1. The Early Christian Church
    2. The Basilica
    3. The Dark Ages: Christian and Jewish Cultures at Their Nadir as Islamic Culture Reaches Its Zenith
    4. The Gothic Flowering: Continental Romanesque: 1066 – 1200
    5. Time of Transition from Medieval To Renaissance
    6. St. Thomas Church, Leipzig: Luther, Bach and Mendelssohn
  2. Music
    1. Early Christian Music
    2. Music: the Universal Language by Which Texts Soar
    3. Medieval Music
    4. Music of the Renaissance
    5. Music of the Baroque Era
    6. Music of the Classical Era
    7. Music of the Romantic Era
    8. Music of the 20th Century
    9. Black Contributions to Our Culture and to Society
  3. Theology
    1. Christianity: A New Faith Arises in a Historical Context
    2. Christianity in a World of Both Spirit and Matter
    3. Dark and Middle Ages
    4. Protestation, Reformation, and Humanism
    5. Introduction to Modern Theology
    6. Cry, “Justice!”
    7. Experiences of Change in the Modern Era

i.      Memories of Rev. Edgar F. Wheeler

ii.      Memories of Xenia Lee Wheeler

  1. Modern Philosophy
  2. Scientists on Religion
  3. Religious Leaders on Science
  4. Religion, Science and the Attack of the Angry Atheists
  5. Introduction to Theology of the Modern Era That Has Had Great Meaning to Me
  6. Modern Theology
  7. A-Z Quotes on Religion, Science, Psychology and Sociology

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