Body and Soul

Today, I rediscovered a meditation in a collection of meditations by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, titled, I Want to Live These Days With You.  It summarizes the positive form of my rejection of duality.  We are one: body and soul.

From The Dust of the Earth

Human beings, whom God created in his own image, that is, in freedom, are the ones who were taken from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7).  Not even Darwin and Feurbach could have said it more strongly than it is said here.  Human beings come from the dust of the earth.  Their connection with the earth is a part of their nature. . . . .  It is God’s earth from which human beings are taken.  From it they gained their bodies.  Their bodies are a part of their essence.  One’s body is not one’s prison, one’s shell, one’s exterior; rather, one’s body is oneself.  A human being does not “have” a body and “have” a soul.  Rather, one “is” body and soul.  In the beginning Adam is really his body.  He is one.  Just as Christ is completely his body, and the church is the body of Christ.  People who rid themselves of the body, rid themselves of their existence before God the creator. . . .  They have their existence as existence on earth; they do not come from above.  They are not imprisoned and enslaved in the earthly world by a cruel fate, but are called by the word of God the Almighty out of the earth, in which they slept and were dead.  In themselves they are the dust of the earth, but are called by God into being human.


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