If With All Your Hearts – Preface

I find some risk in sharing my faith journey. I grew up in a family and in a religious environment in which the Bible was the Word of God; it was literally true, not to be questioned.
I have come to respect both science and scholarship. I have been the beneficiary of medical science, indeed dependent upon it; but I also understand its limitations: it has not prevented polio, post polio syndrome or multiple sclerosis, it has not cured any of them, but it has permitted management of each in ways never before possible. For that, I am grateful.
I have learned over the years that true faith is not belief contrary to what we see but is responsive to it yet unbounded by it. Faith must grow as we mature and as our experiences grow.
This life is not dualistic: physical vs. spiritual; it is unified, integrated. The Kingdom of God is within you, Tolstoy wrote.
This is my attempt to examine how my views and spiritual experiences have changed over the years, as influenced by both my life experiences and my spiritual orientation through them. I share this with others, not because I believe myself to be a model, but because I suspect that many others have also struggled to find meaning in their life beyond the mere physical facts of their existence, and beyond their physical achievements and accumulations. I suspect that others have also found their spoon-fed religion inadequate to meet their own life challenges. I hope that it would give encouragement to others to leave the infertile aspects of confinement to home, their inherited life, as Abraham left Ur for a promised land, and to embark, with courage, on their own journeys, on paths unique to them to that “one great river,” as described by the theologian, Matthew Fox, and a “life of eternal significance,” as my father has called it.

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