My Faith Responses To Life Experiences


This blog has been for me a growth process.  I suppose that whatever we do ought to change us: help us to grow.

I have explored the contributions of great artists, painters, architects, composers, scientists, philosophers and theologians.  I have included my parents’ memoirs as faith responses to life in the Twentieth and early Twenty-first Centuries.  As I have discussed these contributions, I inescapably revealed something of myself, by the mere selection of the materials as well as my comments upon them.

During the past year I have undertaken two writings, It is perhaps appropriate at this point in my last section of the blog, Theology, to speak of my own experiences.  The first is Getting over Childhood: An Abandonment Paradox, in which I explore the impact of disease and infant experiences upon my own life, and my various paradoxical responses to them.  (That is more tangential to the purposes of this blog and may be accessed at The second was my attempt to clarify what I believe, how I have come to this point in my spiritual life and some guide posts I have come to believe may help me in my future growth: If With All Your Hearts Ye Truly Seek Me: A Faith Journey:


Chapter 1: Growing up in a Faith-Full Family


Chapter 2: College Daze: Disorientation Upon Awakening


Chapter 3: Escape: “God’s Will,” Romance and the Old Time Religion


Chapter 4: Marriage, Mental Illness and the “Will of God”


Chapter 5: Remarriage and Return to the Discipline of Study


Chapter 6: Judgeship: Idealistic Misfit In a Pragmatic World


Chapter 7: The Pain of Resurrection


Chapter 8: Finding Meaning and New Abilities in a Life With Disability


Chapter 9: Home Alone: Meaning from Fragments


Chapter 10: Time for Reflection


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