I’m Back!



My friends, some may notice that in recent months I have not been active in this blog. The blog contains my own story, Getting over Childhood: An Abandonment Paradox; also, my own faith journey, If with All Your Hearts You Truly Seek Me: A Faith Journey. That, indeed, has been a journey.

Since the last post, I have experienced  first, debilitating fatigue and then increasing depression, likely relating to multiple sclerosis and post polio syndrome.  About six months ago I became aware of the emotional and psychological challenges of post polio syndrome, which, perhaps, can best be described  as an obsessive compulsive disorder  relating to our survival of polio. I have been struggling with medications since then.

Three weeks ago, I was hospitalized for depression for three days, during which my psychiatrist  was able to observe me and to adjust medications.  I have felt  empowered since then,  but  was afraid  last night and today that I might be slipping back into depression and anxiety . This is my attempt to surmount those difficulties and  that of aging (66).


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