The Gospels John the Baptist through raising Lazarus

John 3:22 John the Baptist tells more about Jesus
Luke 3:19 Herod puts John in prison
Mark 1:14 Jesus’ ministry in Galilee
Matthew 4:12 – 17; Luke 4:14, 15; John 4:43 – 44
Mark 1:16 Jesus calls four fishermen: Simon and Andrew; James and John
Matthew 4:18 – 22
John 1:35 the first disciples followed Jesus
John 2:1 Jesus turned water into wine
Luke: 5:1 Jesus provides a miraculous catch of fish
John 2:12 Jesus clears the temple
Mark 1:21 Jesus teaches with great authority
Luke 4:31 – 37
John 4:1 Jesus talks to a woman at the well
John 3:1 Nicodemus visits Jesus at night
Matthew 5:3 the Beatitudes
Matthew 5:5 Jesus gives the Sermon on the Mount
Luke 6:17 – 26
Matthew 5:13 Jesus teaches about salt and light
Matthew 5:17 Jesus teaches about the law
Matthew 5: 21 Jesus teaches about anger
Matthew 5:27 Jesus teaches about lost
Matthew 5:30 Jesus teaches about vows
Matthew 5:38 Jesus teaches about retaliation
Matthew 5:43 Jesus teaches about loving enemies
Luke 6:27 – 36
Matthew 6:1 Jesus teaches about giving to the needy
Matthew 6:5 Jesus teaches about prayer
Matthew 6:16 Jesus teaches about fasting
Matthew 6:19 Jesus teaches about money
Matthew 6:25 Jesus teaches about worry
Matthew 7:1 Jesus teaches about criticizing others
Luke 6:37 – 42
Matthew 7:7 Jesus teaches about asking, seeking, knocking
Matthew 7:13 Jesus teaches about the way to heaven
Mark 7:15 Jesus teaches about fruit in people’s lives
Luke 6:43 – 45
Matthew 7:21 Jesus teaches about those who build houses on rock and sand
Luke 6:46 – 40
John 4:27 Jesus tells about the spiritual harvest
John 4:39 many Samaritans believe in Jesus
John 4:46 Jesus heals a government official’s son
John 5:1 Jesus heals a lame man by the pool
John 5:19 Jesus claims to be God’s son
John 5:31 Jesus supports his claim
John 6:22 – Jesus is the true bread from heaven
John 6:41 the Jews disagree that Jesus is from heaven
John 7:60 many disciples desert Jesus
John 7:1 Jesus encounters conflict with the religious leaders – Jesus’ brothers ridicule him
John 7:10 Jesus teaches openly in the temple
John 7:32 religious leaders attempt to arrest Jesus
John 7:46 Jesus forgives an adulterous woman
John 8:12 Jesus is the light of the world
John 8:21 Jesus warns of coming judgment
John 8:31 Jesus speaks about God’s true children
John 9:48 Jesus states he is eternal
John 9:1 Jesus heals the man who was born blind
John 9:13 religious leaders question the blind man
John 9:35 Jesus teaches about spiritual blindness
John 10:1 Jesus is the good shepherd
John 10:22 religious leaders surround Jesus at Temple
John 11:1 Jesus encounters crucial events in Jerusalem – Lazarus becomes ill and dies
John 11:17 Jesus comforts Mary and Martha
John 11:38 Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead


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