The Gospels through Temptation

Luke 1:1 Luke’s purpose in writing
John 1:1 – 13 God became human
Luke 1:5 an angel promises the birth of John to Zachariah
Luke 1:26 an angel promises the birth of Jesus to Mary
Luke 1:39 Mary visits Elizabeth
Matthew 1:1 genealogy of Jesus
the genealogy is traced from Abraham through David to Joseph
Luke 3:23 – 38
traces Jesus genealogy from Jesus back to Cainan, who was the great great great grandson of Mathuselah
Mark 1:1 “the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the son of God.
Malachi 3:1; Matthew 11:10; Luke 7:27
Matthew 1:8 an angel appears to Joseph
Luke 2:1 Jesus is born in Bethlehem
Luke 2:8 shepherds visit Jesus
Luke 2:21 Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the temple
Matthew 2:1 visitors arrive from eastern lands
Matthew 2:13 the escape to Egypt
Matthew 2:19 they returned to Nazareth
Luke 1:57 John the Baptist is born
Luke 2:41 Jesus speaks with the religious leaders
John 1:19 John the Baptist declares his mission
Matthew 3:1 John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus
Luke 3:1 – 18
Mark 1:4 John baptizing in the desert and preaching and baptizing
John 1:29 John the Baptist proclaims Jesus as Messiah
Mark 1:9 Jesus is baptized
Matthew 3:13 – 17; Luke 3:21, 22
Mark 1:12 temptation in the desert
Matthew 4:1 – 11; Luke 4:1 – 13


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