Background and Use of This Site

An Allegory of the Bible WILLIAM BLAKE

The above photograph of the painting may be found at

About a year ago, I had written a little book with my father, Rev. Edgar F. Wheeler’s contributions, for my son, Christopher entitled, Know Your Bible.  One thing led to another until I had gathered from the internet pictures of art masterpieces from around the world inspired by Biblical scenes from Genesis through Revelation.  I led our Sunday School through a six month study of those masterpieces.  They loved it.

My undergraduate degree was in instrumental and vocal music.  In my teaching, I connected music with the humanities, generally.   I have maintained an avid interest in the visual arts, but have no formal education in them.  This will be a great opportunity for me to learn from others who visit this site.

My daughter, Hilah, obtained a degree with a minor in art history.  She will join us and bring her own expertise to the blog.

The Sunday School class preferred to read the accompanying scripture and simply explore the painting.  I showed the painting on a television screen as we read the scripture.  Most usually I would ask, “What do you see?”  Verbalizing such observations often led to other observations or questions, such as, “What is that?” or ” I see. . .”  The class loved to explore the paintings and through that might ask what the painter meant to say in the painting or, like any good art, they might be led to an interpretation that arose from their own experiences which they brought to the scripture or the painting.  Good art does that.  Many times, but not always, I would share the comments that are often referenced herein, depending upon whether they appeared to be helpful in initiating or developing  exploration of the art.  These works of art could be used as a focus of individual meditation or as the basis of group discussion of the scripture, the subject or the art; or they can just be enjoyed for their beauty or technique.

Hilah and I will select certain masterpieces for  study of a certain topic or passages of the Bible.  We will also provide links to the internet sites where the pictures of the paintings and comments of others may be found, and perhaps make my own observations.  My Sunday School class loved the study.  Hilah and I hope you enjoy it, also.    The art could help reveal some universal truths that are not exclusive to Christianity.  It hopefully will invite a dialogue with others of various  religious, cultural, and educational backgrounds.

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5 thoughts on “Background and Use of This Site

  1. I hope you discover the Korean born artist who donated his 200+ paintings of Bible scenes to Dr Robert Schuler and the Chrystal Csthedral. They are beautiful and inspiring.

    • Jane, I just saw your comments and read your post on the transfiguration. Wow! I will reply more fully, but I whereas I present various artistic interpretations with little interpretation of the art, you explore biblical events and enter into them, explore them and the biblical passages you and the artist explore. Art historian, heh? Much more than that. When better prepared, I will return. Thank you for your comments. Heaven is for Real? Not surprising in that several people have Near death experiences, but “the infinite” is inexpressible. And an art historian? So much more! I look forward to further discussion with you. Rob Wheeler

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