My Grace is Sufficient for You

When in college in the late 60s, I wrote a poem that was published in the national magazine of the Seventh Day Church of God, the church of Heidi.  It is a poetic  paraphrase of a Psalm:

My Grace is Sufficient for You

Oh, Save me, my Father, I cry in despair!

Sin’s waters lick long round my neck.

I sink in the mire; no foothold to find;

I’m weary;  my life’s but a wreck.


“Oh, Save me, my Father!”  my parched throat cries out,

My eyes grow despondently dim.

Still on do the wicked persistently press.

My life’s at its ebb;  ever grim


And then through the tumult a calm, still small voice,

Brings hope to me;  makes me anew.

Resplendent in glory,  the kind Master says,

“My grace is sufficient for you.”


Though worldliness press you and hope starts to wane;

Foes mount and your friends seem too few,

Take heart, friend, the Master calls even today,

“My grace is sufficient for you!”

–Robert Wheeler


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