Jacob Flees and Has a Dream

Genesis 28 tells us that Isaac, realizing he gave his blessing to Jacob, charges him, as Abraham had charged Isaac, that he not take a Canaanite as a wife, but to go to Rebecca’s brother, Laban, in Syria to take one of his daughters.  Esau finds a wife among one of Ishmael’s daughters – now to become doubly outcast from the “chosen.”

Jacob flees to Syria.  On the way, one night he has a dream.

Jacob’s Dream FERDINAND BOL (1616-1680)

See http://www.artbible.info/art/large/459.html for the source of the photograph of the painting and a general description of the events it

represents.  Bohl was a student of Rembrandt and that influence is evident in the painting.

Jacob’s Dream BLAKE (1757-1827)

 See http://www.artble.com/imgs/c/8/8/524824/jacob_s_ladder.jpg for the source of the photograph of the above painting.


Dream of Jacob CHAGALL (1887-19850)s

See http://www.fantasyarts.net/chagalljacob.html for the source of photograph of the above painting and a brief description.  For a succinct biograpy and description of Chagal’s work, see http://tars.rollins.edu/Foreign_Lang/Russian/chagall.html.

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